Wow! I was bless to meet bria in atlanta last year at a popular club called "Velvet Room"
she has the softest hands ive ever felt in my life, and as for her squad she was rollin with that night man o' man... my hommies sent them bottles but who knows if they ever got them. DIMES like this buy their own ish..

"Campaign Thursday"-PLUSH NIGHT CLUB NOV 6TH

Let's all celebrate the victory of CHANGE IN AMERICA!! GO OUT AND VOTE NOV 4TH GET YOUR VOICE HEARD!!! Click link if you need more inspiration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrgiKcqkm0k


"The President" is bringing another one!! Def Jam signing party for "FRECK BILLIONARE" Hosted by StreetFam Fabolus and Konvict Music RedCafe.... Fab being one of the flyest cats in the rap industry and Redcafe one of the most slept on rappers out there and Freck the hottest underground rapper to finally reach his dreams THIS WILL BE A EVENT YOU DO NOT WANNA MISS BOYS AND GIRLS!! For more info visit:



I like Luda but I think he lost his touch with music, so why not pay that big money and get two Living legends on one track. first single "I do it for hip hop". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pcFLdGrURg post your thoughts...

"Jay-Z VS Lil Wayne"

Photos by David Atlas, You Can See Full Photo Galleries @ Power1051fm

MTV reported that Lil Wayne & Jay-Z were going to perform, “Mr.Carter,” at Power 105.1 fm’s, “Powerhouse,” concert. Lil Wayne went as far as to say, “That’s the whole reason I think I was doing [the concert].” Well it looks like after Lil Wayne flopped in Boston Jay-Z wasn’t feeling Lil Wayne and cancelled any plans of the two sharing the stage.

As I mentioned before Jigga man has power! the man controlls shit even if its yours. Rumor has it the song "Mr.Carter" will debute on Jay-z's up in coming album "Blueprint 3" now whats f'n with that. Jay has the 48laws of power memorize from back to front. All in all Jay brought wayne out on stage and as a result wayne threw up the "Roc symbol" because he has mad respect for his old head but they did not perform together. For more pics click on links below and shouts out to my man "H" over at atlnightspots.com

"Something you dont want to miss"