lifeNike Air Trainer III “Snakeskin”
We gave you a look at this upcoming Snakeskin treated Air Trainer III last month. Today they’ve started to arrive at retailers across the pond.

Nike Air Trainer III “Snakeskin” features a unique combination of colors. Along with the Light Charcoal and Volt Yellow accents, the uppers feature a snakeskin-like treatment around the toebox area. One of the dopest features about these kicks has got to be the Air Jordan 8 inspired pattern across the midsole, which adds to that early 90’s feel of these kicks.

Available now at Mita for about $150.

Glow in the dark kicks is the shizznick now, sucks that i had glow in the dark air force 1's two yrs ago..

Pics of the week Whooooa!!!

Weezy talks about his rap career with Cash money....

Rick Ross ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & T-Pain - Maybach Music 2
I was at the listening session thanks to Miss Info, but I don’t record tracks out of respect. Rick Ross had a little speech before his music was played but it wasn’t anything interesting said. Only 9 tracks from the album were played and the audience was definitely feeling the album, out of the 9 tracks I would probably skip 2 of them. Rick Ross rhymes about the usual themes, selling drugs, street life, going from broke to rich and living the lavish life. Rick Ross has great beat selection to go along with his on point flow. Tracks featuring, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, T-Pain, John Legend, The Dream & Nas were played but there are more features from Jadakiss and Mary J.Blige on the album.

Keri Hilson and Kanye West on the set of, “Make Love”

Keri call me baby.... i hope she see's this lol

Jim Jones Addresses Cam’ron, Jay-Z & His Evolution In A New Documentary
“This is Jim Jones,” chronicles Jim Jones’ preparation for his new album while looking at his entire life. Damon Dash plays a prominent role in the documentary, showing Jim Jones right from wrong and trying his best to guide him to success. In one of the funnier moments of the film Damon Dash takes Jim Jones to an upscale art exhibition, where Jim looks completely out of place. Dame wants to expand Jones’ horizons and get him into acting.

10 Things You Didn't Know About ... Sleep

1. Chronic snoring can be treated by uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, a surgical procedure that tightens the tissues of the soft palate and throat. Possible side effects include changes in voice frequency.
2. Another option involves injecting the palate with a chemical to harden the soft tissue. This is called a snoroplasty, derived from the Greek word "plastos," meaning "molded," and somewhat lamely from the English word snore, meaning "snore."
3. Baaaad idea: A 2002 study by Oxford University researchers concluded, brilliantly, that the traditional practice of counting sheep is an ineffective cure for insomnia. The mental activity is so boring that other problems and concerns inevitably surface.
4. Mattresses have an average life span of eight to 10 years. They grow some nasty stuff in that time; one study links mattress bacteria to sudden infant death syndrome.
5. An adult bed bug can survive up to one year without feeding.
6. In 2004, Americans filled more than 35 million prescriptions for sleeping pills. The number of adults aged 20 to 44 taking pills to help them fall asleep has doubled in the last four years.
7. More than 100,000 car crashes in the United States each year result from drowsiness. Drivers talking on cell phones increase the rate by 6 percent, so don't call someone if you get tired.
8. Your alarm is set for 6 a.m. -- why do you wake up at 5:59 a.m.? The body's internal alarm clock, which enables some people to wake up naturally at the time they desire, is triggered by the stress hormone adrenocorticotropin. The levels of this hormone begin to rise an hour or two before an expected wake-up call, to prepare the body gradually for the stress of waking up.
9. A six-year study of a million adults showed that people who get only six to seven hours of sleep a night have a lower death rate than those who get eight hours. Maybe it's those late nights watching QVC.
10. In 1964, 17-year-old Randy Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours and 12 minutes, the officially recognized world record. He then slept for 15 hours -- not a record, but not bad.

News: Jay-Z's New Jersey Nets Set Date For Brooklyn Debut

New Jersey Nets franchise, of which Jay-Z is part owner, will make the move to Brooklyn, New York despite the current financial economic crisis.

Nets CEO Bretty Yormark recently confirmed and announced the dates fans may expect the shift to take place.
"We'll be there for the 2011-2012 season," Yormark said in a statement. "We've pre-sold 20 percent of our suites...We've got eight of our 14 founding partnerships already completely signed. Next week, we'll announce our ninth." (Bloomberg News)
Although the nation is battling a recession, Yormark assures the move will still take place.
"We feel very confident about the financing," Yormark added. "We feel very confident about just the project in general, and once we get through this final piece of litigation, we'll be in the accelerated mode to break ground and get ready to open." (Sports Business)
The Nets have also placed their focus on the new arena's location.
Yormark said the team is awaiting resolution of an eminent-domain lawsuit before breaking ground on the Barclays Center. That may come in late spring or early summer, Barry Baum, a spokesman for the team's owner, Bruce Ratner, said in an e-mail message. (New York Times)
The rap mogul has held a share in the NBA team since 2004.
The NBA Board of Governors unanimously apporved the sale of the New Jersey Nets to an ownership group that includes the rapper Jay-Z. The group of investors, led by developer Bruce Ratner, had its $300 million offer accepted by the Nets. Ratner reportedly recruited Jay-Z and a number of prominent Brooklynites with the idea of moving the franchise from the swamps of New Jersey to downtown Brooklyn.

Boss move!!

Costly mental error hurts Lakers in last-second loss to 76ers

LOS ANGELES — What were the Lakers thinking?
With the 6.6 seconds dwindling, a foul to give and Philadelphia 76ers [team stats] forward Andre Iguodala dribbling the ball straight away outside the three-point arc, it seemed prudent to use that foul and force the Sixers to inbound the ball, again.
Only Lakers forward Trevor Ariza did not do it, even though precise instructions were given in the team huddle in the preceding timeout.
"(Coach Phil Jackson) wrote on the board that we had a foul to give," Ariza said. "I didn’t foul him. That was my fault."
And it was costly. Iguodala rose in the air, lofted a shot, and as the final buzzer sounded, the ball went cleanly through the basket, giving the Sixers a dramatic 94-93 victory Tuesday night at Staples Center.
Ariza was on a virtual island alone with Iguodala on that pivotal possession and tried to anticipate what the Sixers’ top scorer was going to do.
"I thought he was going to go to the rim," Ariza said, "and I was going to foul him before he got there. He hit a tough shot."
The loss, which snapped the Lakers’ three-game winning streak arguably was their most bitter to swallow this season, rivaled only by the one-point loss back on Dec. 2, when the failure to box out on the final possession allowed Indiana Pacers center Jeff Foster to tip in a shot to send the Lakers to a 118-117 defeat.
This loss, however, was more ignominious because not only did it occur at home but it also involved the Lakers blowing a 14-point third quarter lead.
This was the start of a five-game western road trip for Philadelphia, which has its playoff prospects squarely on the line. The sense of urgency is far less for the Lakers, who are cruising along as the top team in the Western Conference.
The way the Lakers blew their third-quarter lead was a near-mirror image of the manner in which they squandered a hefty lead in their previous game three days ago against the Dallas Mavericks.
The Lakers were able to untangle themselves from that mess but Iguodala made sure that they weren’t able to get off the hook this time.
It seemed, however, that the Lakers were going to escape scraped but unscathed. Kobe Bryant nailed another one of his cold-stone jump shots, with 6.6 seconds remaining to give the Lakers a 93-91 lead.
Up to that juncture, Bryant had missed all five of his fourth-quarter field-goal tries. He also had one of his worse offensive games of the season, finishing with just 11 points on a 5 of 15 field-goal shooting performance.