LeBron and Kobe are the next Jordan

The League is in much better shape than it was 10 years ago, but we're still waiting on the Next Jordan. It's part reflex, part messianic yearning, part laziness on the part of fans, scouts and pundits alike, and part nostalgia.

But the problem isn't that we're looking for the Next Jordan. It's that we've always assumed it would be one single player, like His Airness himself — when in fact, we've got him right now. It's just taken two superstars, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, to give us everything Jordan did. Both players have long been considered for the crown, but both come up short for different reasons. And that's exactly why, when both of them are in their prime. POST YOUR THOUGHTS..........

I might get sued but ***** it.........

McDonald's is busily remodeling its U.S. locations, accessorizing interiors with flat-panel televisions and plush chairs — even the exteriors are made of real brick these days. Now the Oak Brook, Ill., chain is turning to its packaging. In early November the king of cheap eats began rolling out new packaging across its 13,900 U.S. restaurants that aims to make the containers for its sandwiches, french fries, and soft drinks more relevant to today's consumers, and not look like a throwback to the 1990s.

The new packaging is splashed with bold text and crisp imagery. Unlike the previous no-frills white and red box, the new Big Mac container, for example, triumphantly exclaims in heavy block text, "There is only one." On one side, plucky marketing copy extols the Big Mac's height while, on another, the vegetables, cheese, and cooking utensils used in the burger's making are highlighted. The goal, says Mary Dillon, McDonald's global chief marketing officer, is to "create unique personalities for our menu items by telling a story about each one."

McDonald's is also trying to stay ahead of concerns over obesity as well as the healthfulness and safety of food supplies around the world. Full-color photographs of ingredients are intended to remind customers that, for instance, a Quarter Pounder is, indeed, made of real food. The company's iconic red, yellow, and white French fry package now features a partially peeled potato on the front. Smaller sandwiches will retain their simpler paper wrapper, though new versions are adorned with block text similar to boxed products. Says Dillon: "This demonstrates the authenticity of the locally grown ingredients we use."


Another 70-year-old in India has IVF baby

Elderly woman and her first child are both doing well, newspaper reports.
A 70-year-old woman in India gave birth to her first child, a girl, after undergoing infertility treatment, according to a report in the Daily Mail.
The mother, Rajo Devi, had been trying for 50 years to get pregnant with her 72-year-old husband, who had failed to become a father in two prior marriages. It was undetermined whose egg and sperm were used in the treatment, the newspaper reported.
Devi became pregnant through in vitro fertilization at a clinic in the northern Indian state of Haryana after doctors determined that she was healthy enough to survive a high-risk pregnancy. The mother and her infant daughter are reportedly both doing well.

God is good.....


The Manual to inhancing your SWAGGA "ROBB REPORT MAGAZINES"

"it aint trickin if you got it"-T.i jacked from Rakim

50 Cent........

50 Cent has been named as the musical worlds’ biggest earner- raking in over 100 million in a year!
Forbes Magazine says the rapper and businessman earned around $150 million from June 2007- June 2008.
The rapper made his money from investments in clothing companies and Vitamin Water as well films, computer games and music.
Speaking to MTV News exclusively from London this weekend: “I’ve had a lot of success and I plan on having a lot more, I feel like I’m a work in progress.
“If I’m honest with you, I’m a junkie, I’m addicted to success, there’s no rehab for success, or I’d go check in right now. The only thing that doesn’t come with an instruction book is money, so you get it and if you blow it it’s cool- you’ve just got to go and get some more!”
He beat The Police (on the Forbes list) whose highly lucrative reunion tour made them over £78 million.
In third and fourth place are the showbiz world’s top earning couple- according to Forbes- Jay Z and Beyonce who both made over 50 million during that year.
The Beatles figured fifth on the list.

News: Andre 3000 Sued For $2 Mil, Suit Alleges "Class Of 3000" Was Stolen

OutKast's Andre 3000, along with Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting, is facing a $2 million lawsuit for copyright infringement and breach of contract claims stemming from Andre's "Class of 3000" cartoon series.

According to the Boston Herald, local postal worker Timothy McGee alleges the "characters, artwork, storylines [and] concepts" from Dre's Emmy-winning Cartoon Network series were all based on his ideas for an earlier project called "The Music Factory." "The artist known as Andre '3000' Benjamin was credited with the creation, executive production and starring role in 'Class of 3000,'" the lawsuit reads.

"The similarities between the expression of Mr. McGee's work in 'The Music Factory' and that of 'Class of 3000' are sufficiently detailed and pervasive." While Dre's cartoon debuted November 2006, McGee claims he offered his series pitch to Cartoon Network executive Michael Lazzo in 1997 before being rejected. With both projects set in Atlanta's music scene and sharing similar characters including a "tough full-of-attitude female" character, his attorney Jerrold Neeff expects compensation. "We've requested $2 million in damages thus far," Neeff told the Boston Herald.

"The rest remains to be seen." In addition, McGee has claimed misappropriation of trade secrets and is requesting damages to including all the profits from the show's two seasons. Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting have also been included in the lawsuit. A rep for Dre and Cartoon Network/Turner Broadcasting was unavailable for comment at press time.



Jadakiss - 4 Da Fam
Keyshia Cole ft. Lil Wayne - I Love You
Common ft. Pharrell - Punch Drunk Love Remix


Swagger/model of the week..........

Yup!! Bria Myles. Whats up hommie? How was your little vacation lol inside joke..

Beyonce’s “Potrait Of A Lady” Photoshoot

Love it or hate it Beyonce is doin her thing, Getting that arab money......

Jay-Z - BK Anthem

Click link to listen;http://www.zshare.net/audio/52417445d332be9d/

Not sure if this is a new or old song but tell me what you think.......