Obama graces Vanity Fair for March issue...... its only fair to America

Obama with zoolander face lol

Jay-Z was spotted arriving to the game and kicking it courtside with America Ferrera and her man. I have this feeling he watches “Ugly Betty”.

peep the bob marley air forces!!! nice..

NEW LeBron's he will be wearing for the All-Star game.. Nice!!

Nike Zoom LeBron 6 All Star Edition
We’ve seen more colors than imaginable of the LeBron 6, but we knew this one had to be on it’s way, take a look at the Nike Zoom LeBron 6 All Star Edition.
For a number of years now, the NBA All-Star game has been reason for the superstars of the NBA to break out fresh new colorways of their signature, and player exclusive kicks. The LeBron 6 All Star matches the navy and aqua jersey color perfectly. As with all LeBron’s not a detail goes overlooked, even down to the three colors of stitching on the midsole. The patent on the toebox features a nice fade from one accent color to the other.
Take a detailed look at these All Star edition kicks after the jump.

Soulja boy responds back to bow wow latest video.... This is getting interesting lmao


Excerpts From, “How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip Hop “

Title: Dancing With The Devil: How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip Hop by Mark Curry
(Chapter 1) “Puff charged the artists for his appearance on their records and videos, usually without [them] realizing it until they receive their royalty statements. That’s when they discovered that their large sums of money had gone to fees which were doubled, tripled and even quadrupled because of Puff’s ’special appearances”. For example, he would charge artists for having his Bentley in their videos-which he insisted upon- then took tax credit for business use of a car.”
(PAGE 79) Despite amazing record sales Mark Curry claims that Biggie resorted to selling dope and homemade duplicates of his cd from the trunk of his car just to earn spending money
(Page 94) Jimmy Henchmen told Tupac “why you blaming Puffy and Biggie. Them n*ggas aint got nuthin to do with this shooting. Nobody came to rob you. They came to discipline you and that’s what happened”
be on the look out!!!

Joe Budden Showing His Girl Getting Dressed Whooa!!!


He's a better man then me... be on the look out for joey new mixtape coming soon!

"NEW" Camron - I Hate My Job Video p.s im not a fan of harlem cats but (Killa Is Back)


Harlem’s own Cam’ron drops the first video “I Hate My Job,”
off his new album “Crime Pays” coming soon. In this 215partylife.blogspot.com
exclusive premier, Cam shows a more “grown-man” approach to life in an
economically struggling America. With a fresh perspective Cam’ron comes
back and prevents further “Where’s Cam?” questions.

finally someone hits us with a joint we can relate too

A 215partylife exclusive:50 Cent’s Hot 97 Interview With Funk Master Flex(Rick Ross Calls Miss Info)

click links to listen:Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Rick Ross Calls Miss InfoPart 2- 50 will soon drive ricky ross out of a record deal. This cat continue to throw shots at all of def jam artists Who is his really taking shots at?????