Adidas Skateboarding x FTC Pack

Be on the look out for this package, it may hit south street..Here is a look at the Adidas Skateboarding x FTC, which includes a pair of Adidas Superstar Skate, hoodie and t-shirt. All the elements from the pack will release in December 2008.

I love her music.........

R&B/Soul singer India Aire is reportedly hooked on 'Chocolate' this winter and she's nabbed Musiq Soulchild to tell the story.Released Thursday, "Chocolate High," becomes the singer's lead single for "Testimony: Love & Politics."As previously reported on Singersroom, "Testimony: Love & Politics" is the follow up to the "Brown Skin" singer's Gold-certified album "Testimony: Life & Relationships" which debuted in 2006.Tapping fellow Grammy-nominated singer Musiq Soulchild, India.Arie sings "The more I consume, the more I gotta have it" followed by Musiq Soulchild who sings: "You're precious darkness got me so strung out and lovin the way that you got me so wide open, jonesin' and feinin' under my I need you, sugar you're so delicious"Singing about mutual love, Aire and Soulchild paint a sweet and delectable vision on the single singing:

"There is something about your love, just makes me wanna open up, you're flavor is the sweetest thing in life. I'm addicted to your chocolate high."India Aire's "Testimony: Love & Politics" hits stores and online retailers February 10, 2009.

Tyler Perry Cleans House, Settles Writers Guild Battle

Tyler Perry has reportedly settled the much-talked-about battle with the Writers Guild after a series of events including a picket at the grand opening of his new studio in Atlanta.The deal, announced this week, came after five months of negotiations, reports Variety.Perry's TBS comedies 'House of Payne' and 'Meet The Browns' will push forward as planned with season premieres early ...Read On

UPCLOSE: Pharrell Williams Gets It in With Madonna

Madonna and Pharrell performed on stage during the ”Sticky & Sweet” tour at Dolphins Stadium on November 26 in Miami. And by gone, sticky they were. Does it look like Pharrell was enjoying it? That look on his face just says “I’m the man Madasucka.” I wonder what A-Rod was thinking watching from the front row!
I dont know what Madonna is doing but she is looking younger everytime I she her.. it must be the young bucks she keep's dating........

Jupiter, Moon and Venus in a Triangle

In one of the most spectacular shows, sky-gazers will be able to view the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, forming a triangle with the moon. The show get more spectacular as the three move celestial bodies even closer today and the whole scene is reaching towards its climax.
If there is clear sky, people will be able to see the three celestial bodies, right after the sunset. There will be two bright stars side by side with Venus being the brightest and Jupiter being the next brightest star. The trio will be closest on Sunday and Monday with the crescent moon joining them to form a triangle that can be eclipsed with a thumb held at an arm’s length. From Tuesday, the three will again start pulling away from each other and this scenario will not be again visible till March of 2012, but a situation as close as this will be visible only after 44 years in the year 2052.

The dance of these planets will be the closest to each other. Although they look so close they will be actually miles apart. The moon is 252,000 miles away, Venus is 370 times farther than the moon, at 94 million miles and Jupiter is nearly six times as far away as Venus, at 540 million miles.
The whole event will be visible with the naked eye on Monday in the evening time around dusk

Stephon Marbury and Knicks to blame for splitting headache

Stephon Marbury apparently has been permanently benched by the Knicks after, team says, he refused Mike D'Antoni's requests to play in two games. Click link to continue reading;

News: Man Found Guilty Of Murdering T.I. Associate, Philant Johnson

Hosea Thomas has been found guilty for the May 2006 murder of rap star T.I.'s close friend and assistant Philiant Johnson.
According to the Associated Press, jurors in Cincinnati today (November 26) convicted Thomas for the fatal shooting of Johnson during a gunfire exchange with Tip's entourage two years ago. He is also being convicted of felonious assault in addition to illegally possessing a gun after a felony conviction.
If given the maximum penalty, Thomas could be placed behind bars for life.
the convicted murderer's former girlfriend, Kim Sweeten, surprisingly took the stand yesterday (November 25) claiming Thomas had left Club Ritz where a physical altercation took place between his crew and Tip's entourage but returned to their home.
Despite her testimony, Hosea's brother, Padron, who was involved in the shoot-out, recently stepped forward to testify against him last week. By doing so, Padron no longer faces prison time related to the murder of Johnson.
Tip also testified last Friday (November 21) detailing the events that took place between both camps.

Beyonce - Roc (Tribute To Jay-Z)

New Music click link to listen; Beyonce - Roc (Tribute To Jay-Z)