TONITE!! Monstarz inc & Jibreal ent Calcutta and lil troy Present Pearl "MONDAYS"

Pearl-like strings hanging from the ceiling give a sense of privacy between black tables, while the upstairs DJ booth and lounge sport deeper shades of onyx and purple and much more excitement. 21 is a must with proper I.D see you there!!!

Beyonce Carter struting thru LAX the other night

Is it me or does Beyonce personal body guard checkin her out? Throughout my search oh boy is either lookin at her ass or holdin her arm to me he has that creepy look about him.. And its always when Jay is not around.. I dont wanna be a trouble maker but i might send ty ty a email to have jay take a closer look at this..

President Barack Obama’s Weekly Address

folks wheater you wanna hear it or not but we are headed to another great depression, right now is the time to capitalize off any idea you may have in store.. stay a float or swim with the sharks! This is Brooklyn and I approve this message*

Steve Nash gets "TRASHED" BY Josh Smith aka The game twin brother lol.........