215partylife Barack Obama inauguration: Picture from space

The half-metre resolution images of the United States Capitol, Washington DC, were captured by the GeoEye-1 satellite on Tuesday.

They show the vast swarms of people who travelled to the city to watch Mr Obama sworn in as the 44th president.

It is estimated that two million people made the journey to the District of Columbia, which has a population of less than 600,000.

The size of the crowd, which began arriving at 4am Washington time, appeared easily to exceed the 1.2million attracted by Lyndon B Johnson's 1965 swearing-in, a previous record.

The pictures, which were taken through Washington's January clouds, show the historic Smithsonian buildings along the National Mall.

At the other end of the Mall, thousands of visitors can be seen crowded around big-screen televisions beside the Washington Monument.

Hundreds of millions - possibly billions - more people around the world watched the event on television.

The $1billion (£722million) GeoEye-1 satellite is emblazoned with the logo of Google, which uses its high-resolution pictures for its Google Maps site. It was launched in September 2008.

Its most detailed pictures cannot be viewed by the public and are only available to the American government and 215partylife exec's.


Celebs at yesterdays Inauguration

Jay-Z - My President Is Black Remix
Billionaire Don......

Diddy and Beyonce sister lol he likes them young.....

Oprah and Stedman.....

Magic,Arnold and friends....
Ali and wifey.....
Steven Spilberg and wifey...

Is College A Rip Off?


It seems like you at least need a four year degree to have a shot at a job. It may not be worth it to go away to a $30k a year college if your not doing a major that will be your career. I think people need to realize just getting a degree isn’t enough, you have to network, do internships and get on your grind. Also people need to realize some degrees are pretty much worthless in the real world. Honestly I have never used my four year degree, but it may come in handy in the future.

Kanye West Inaugural Ball Interview & Performance


Check out Kanye’s performance below, he killed it in my opinion. Kanye always delivers a solid performance especially since he sets high standards for himself. Does he have an afro puff on the back of his head?

Obama First dance With Beyonce Performing


Jay-Z’s Performance Of "History" last night for Obama


Jay put on for his city last night, jay had every rich person in the croud moving... I also saw plp crying while he was rappin "mean".....