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Rick Ross next album, “Deeper Than Rapper,” should be dropping in a few months. Any of you think the CO drama will have any effect on sales? Not sure if Rick Ross was trying to throw a jab, but I don’t think 50 will be happy with his name being mentioned period.

I love to pay her bills, can’t wait to pay her rentCurtis Jackson baby mama, I aint askin for a centBurn the house down, gotta buy anotherdon’t forget the gas can, jealous, stupid muthaf****

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Beyonce, Jay-Z love modern art

London, Jan 25: Hip-hop artist Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce are obsessed with modern art and now want to open a gallery near home.

According to a news daily, the couple spent quite a bit of money and Jay-Z now considers himself a critic. He even wants to open a gallery close to his Manhattan home.

Jay-Z said: "Bey is really into art and now I am too. I`m building a collection but at the moment I am just buying things I like and seeing where it takes me. I have a lot of pieces from Damien Hirst and Richard Price - they are incredible artists. Damien Hirst`s Beat Life, Cheat Death piece was actually inspired by one of my songs, so that was cool. When I finally hang up the microphone I could even exhibit my own collection."