Laughter is the key that warms the heart… Change is the key that warmsthe Soul.
Embarking on a new day we look to familiarity for balance. Ourpolitical forecast has dramatically changed for the better. Not only dowe have a president-elect with purpose, possessing ideas driven forchange, we as people can believe in a brighter future. This winterprepares you for Identity Ink's first foray into comedy as we present:
Comedy for Change/Ho Ho Ho Comedy Jam. This is the first of many futurecollaborations with Live Nation Concert Series. This Friday December26th at the Tower Theater (69th & Ludlow, Upper Darby, PA,). Join us aswe welcome a new group of comedians to Philadelphia. Reviving the scenewith resident performers from all walks of life and representing allregions of America.
Get ready to laugh, with a more democratic swag…
Directly from his tour of various cities up and down the east coast,Will "Spank" Horton has a lot to talk about. He knows first hand whattopics have been covered in barbershops and hair salons, and he is not afraid tosay it. With several appearances on BET's Comic View and over a year of successat "The Laff House's" Thursday nights, Spank has easily become thecities most recognized comic and party host. With both a military and comedic background, Earthquake possessesinsight into the political world that can't be compared. Born and raisedin Washington D.C. and serving time in the US Air Force before turning tocomedy, he has always been available for politically charged jokes.Appearing in HBO specials and more recently a reoccurring role on ChrisRocks' "Everybody Hates Chris" sitcom. We now welcome Earthquake intoAmerica's living rooms. Diversity, shift, difference, modification, transform, metamorphosis…All terms that represent our definition of change. Whether noticing lesschange in our pockets or a unified change on the horizon, these topicsare prevalent in comedic routines, before, during and after this year's election. The head liner of the Comedy for Change Show is morerecognizable for his standout movie roles that stay with you, even afterthe ending credits. With over 20 movies and countless television andmusic video cameos- Mike Epps is one of the funniest men on themicrophone. Beginning with comedy at the young age of 21, he revived theurban underground comedy scene appearing on many episodes of Def ComedyJam. His brash brand of comedy stems from Indiana, Atlanta, New York andL.A. You never know what to expect once he hits the stage, withlaughter- the best medicine in a time of turmoil.

Please purchase advanced tickets for general and V.I.P admission at and the chance to win one of three guest passes to meet and greet MikeEpps, and dinner at Ms. Tootsies Soul Food Café. This is a ticketed only event;please purchase as tickets will sell out. The Comedy for ChangeChristmas Show will create a new found sense of laughter within us. Celebrate the holiday season and the change you need in your weekly routine.

Identity Ink Marketing Group brings this event to you…

This is: The President and I approved this message!!!

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