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The GD910 is one of the first 3G watch phones, supporting 7.2 Mbps HSDPA wireless data connection with a secondary video camera for video calls. With the helps of the touch UI, user input can be done through the watch phone’s touch screen. It can also do speech recognition for input via voice. Detail specification is not available except a 13.9mm body thickness, LG will be first launching the watch phone in Europe with an unknown schedule.

devorah sperber is a new york city based artist who recreates famous works of art using spools of thread. sperber treats the spools like pixels, recreating the works of da vinci, rembrandt and van gogh in detail. however viewers will not see the work until the move up close because most of her work is created upside down. the reason why the spools hang from the wall backwards is so that when reflected in a mirror or metal sphere, they will appear in the correct size and proportion. the reflection also shrinks the images and blends the spools together to create a more accurate representation of the original works.

Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2009 Velcro Hi Top Sneakers. 2009 is all about the straps.. strap kicks is gonna be the ish mark my word....

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