215partylife Weekly Tip; how to score a diva..

www.twitter.com/215partylifePrincess. High-maintenance. Prima donna. Whatever you want to call them, they require the superstar attention and a lavish lifestyle they may or may not deserve. All of these descriptions can be grouped under one umbrella -- the diva. The diva is all about seeming high-society: She puts superhuman effort into her looks, loves the fancy clothes and jewelry, expects people around her to adjust to her tastes, and almost always has a fan base of drooling men trailing behind her every step.

That wholesome approach that may have worked with your previous ladies probably won’t do the trick with a diva. However, that doesn’t mean you have to bend over backward to get a diva’s attention (nor should you have to). Scoring a diva is not an impossible task, but it takes the right strategy, a smidge of luck and a bit of tough skin. Here are a few tips on how to score a diva.

Don’t act like a puppy dog/your time is valuable
It is the antithesis of all things Player -- sucking up to a woman is shameful and lamentable. You don’t need to put yourself in that position because you have more pride than that. So, what does the diva expect? Let me be clear about this one -- she wants the alpha male, not the skinny wimp who gets sand kicked in his face.

The alpha male doesn’t roll over at the first sign of reciprocation. Just because she’s talking to you doesn’t mean you can come on strong. Scoring a diva is never that easy. Show her that you don’t need her attention the way she commands it herself. Make small conversation, but don’t gush to her about every aspect of your life, and certainly don’t offer every gift with a price tag on it. She wants a challenge, and you want to minimize it. Keep it that way.

Keep her attention
Divas have probably heard every line in the book. So straight off the bat, don’t go there with her. She’ll brush you off like yesterday’s dust. To score a diva requires an original approach that doesn’t come on too strong. Rather, it’s all about keeping your cool and exuding confidence that shows you’re not scared to approach her type. Divas, like any curious woman, are always looking for a guy who can ease into conversation rather than weasel his way into 15 seconds of her time. You’ll need to skip the initial ice-breaking questions and come up with a snappy conversation opener. Better yet, a diva likes to talk, so ask opinion-based questions to get her in a chatting mood.

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