March 30th @ Club Onyx Hosted by Rocafellas own Neef Buck and a Live Performance by "Cherokee"

Neef Buck member of the Young Gunz (Chris partner)The duo signed with Roc-A-Fella in 1999 and immediately started recording with their labelmates, though an album never manifested itself. The first appearance of either member on a mainstream record was on the track "1-900-Hustler" from Jay-Z's multi-platinum album, The Dynasty: Roc La Familia. Though he didn't rap, Young Chris introduced himself during a skit on the song.

Later, on Jay-Z's next effort The Blueprint, the Young Gunz, who where simply called "Chris & Neef" at the time, got a high-profile shoutout from him on the vicious diss track "The Takeover" and in also another song on the album called "All I Need". This would cause some speculation and interest to who they were.

During this period, Chris and Neef continued to sell drugs, because of the neglect and small amount of work they were receiving from their label. The duo first rapped on and made a few guest appearances on the State Property soundtrack album as well as making small cameos in the movie itself. Also during this period of their career, Young Chris would carry the weight of the group appearing throughout Dame Dash's Dream Team compilation, and Beanie Sigel's The Reason. This would cause a slight rift between the two but they were eventually able to settle it and even record a song about it, releasing their emotions on the aforementioned "Tough Luv".

In turn, this altercation made them closer instead of tearing them apart. Neef soon realized his mistake and the pair stopped selling drugs (permanently) accepted all the guest appearances they could attain, and appeared on the second installment of Jay-Z's Blueprint album, Freeway's Philadelphia Freeway, State Property's The Chain Gang Vol. 2, and Memphis Bleek's M.A.D.E.; all while recording their album.

The Young Gunz scored their first hit single "Can't Stop, Won't Stop", the lead-off single from the Chain Gang Vol II album. The song and its video received major airplay on the MTV2 and BET networks and radio, leading the song to reach #14 on the Billboard charts.

As for Cherokee, here is a sample

for more just be there March 30th.... Shout out to my homegirl Roni Geezzzzzz

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