If I was Gucci Mane I wouldn’t respond until my album was about to drop. Update, the Jeezy diss looks to be motivated by Gucci Mane:

There’s a song called “Hurry” off of Gucci’s mixtape The Writing’s on the Wall that contains lines that could be taken as jabs at Young and his crew. “Girl you look like Keyshia Cole/ I know you a di– pulla,” he raps. “But can’t f— you Blood Raw/ Damn I like them Kinky flows.”

Gucci will neither confirm nor deny if he was throwing disses, but obviously Slick Pulla, Blood Raw and Kinky B are in Young’s crew, and he used to date Keyshia Cole. Jeezy found it funny that Gucci called radio-show host Miss Info on Tuesday and downplayed the whole situation saying Jeezy was just dissing him to build hype.

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