Jim Jones Allegedly Involved In Fight With Ne-Yo, Ty Ty

New York rapper Jim Jones may be in some legal hot water soon after allegedly being involved in a physical altercation with R&B singer Ne-Yo and Jay-Z's longtime pal, Ty Ty.
The rapper fueled the rampant rumors earlier today after a morning show interview with Last Vegas's Hot 97.5.
According to the rumors circulating, Jones and his entourage ran into Ne-Yo and Ty Ty at New York's ultrasheek Loui Vuitton store on Fifth Avenue. One of Jone's people reportedly made and belittling comment about Jay-Z towards Ty Ty and when he tried to respond things got out of control."I can't say too much about it," Jones tells JNoise on the morning show. "Stuff popped off," he continued. When asked about Ne-Yo, Jones simply chuckled. He went on to say he respects Jay-Z but it "is what it is."This incident comes days after Jones' last public confrontation with security and NYPD outside of Okayplayer's Christmas party. Jones didn't take too kindly to being denied access and said some not-so-nice things on his way out. You can check it out by clickin the link

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