r&b selling out while rap still disappoints

Keyshia Cole debuts at number 2 with 322k records while Jamie Foxx is right behind her with 265k records sold in the first week. Beyonce is still pushing 195k while Anthony Hamilton manages 135k in his first week. In rap Plies does 114k while Soulja Boy sold 46k. (BillBoard)
R&B must not be affected by the recession because Anthony Hamilton did 135k and I didn’t even know he was dropping an album. Everyone is going to talk about Soulja Boy’s 46k and write him off, but no his career is not done. He is off to a surprisingly bad start but with consistent promotion and work he can get some decent numbers in the long run. I think, “Birdwalk,” was too similar to, “Crank Dat,” and never caught on.
Congrats to Keyshia Cole, she is killing it with records sales and her TV show.

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